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Bishop Feehan High School

Attleboro, Massachusetts

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About Us

Team guidelines

The following four team standards were chosen by founding members of the Bishop Feehan girls lacrosse players to serve as guiding principles for the program.

1. Effort

effort team photoStay focused. Be determined. Work hard to increase stick skills, stamina, and endurance. Treat every practice like it is a game – full participation, all-out effort. Don’t slack off.

2. Support

support team photoBe there for each other. The goal is to work as a “team”. Be selfless. There is strength in numbers. Recognize each other’s skills. Teach and guide your teammates when you can. Be willing to accept help from those who offer it. Believe in yourself and in your teammates. Motivate each other in practice and in every game. Never give up.

3. Respect

respect team photoTrust each other. Love each other without conditions. Don’t make judgments. Accept everyone’s personalities and differences. Listen to each other. It’s easy…Be quiet when someone else is talking so that you can hear what they have to say.

4. Spirit

respect team photoIt’s all in your attitude. You need to bond as a team. Communicate. Think positive. Be open to new ideas. Bring enthusiasm and energy to everything you do.


What makes a team great?

Any team can be good.

We want to be great.

We will get there because we share a common goal.

We are organized and we know that communication is essential.

We operate as a unit and offer each other support, guidance, and mutual respect.

We are flexible and will be ready to adapt to any challenges we face.

From year to year, our team's guiding principles are resolute.

guiding principles photo